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13 June 2005 @ 10:53 pm
Will someone tell me.... when LIFE got so complicated?
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11 June 2005 @ 08:48 pm
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11 June 2005 @ 06:40 pm

Mrawh... There's been so much going on especially with exams coming up. (CURSE YOU MATH! CURSE YOU!) Err... yes, I have like... 70-something percent in that class. Only because I've been slacking off alot, I have 20 more pages to complete not including the review booklet that Mr. Burden gave us for the exam. Hopefully I can pull off a good 90% on the next test to boost my mark up (like that's happening) and hopefully get a B on the exam. Gonna start studying hard for that next week and all in class. Instead of talking to Sarah and Joscilyn... YOU DISTRACTING PEOPLE!

Well, my semi-depressed mood is gone. Which is a good thing. Must be those crazy D&D boys. MWAHAHAHA! Yes... Dungeons and Dragons, so amusing.

I watched Naruto for the first time in FIVE, yes you read right... five weeks. That means five episode of Naruto goodness at once. I must say five things, one for each episode.

  1. Kakashi looks really hot wet from rain (but I add that he's hot all the time)
  2. Sasuke looked like a complete RETARD with those giant wing-hand things and his purple lipstick....
  3. Naruto, such a cutie but still annoying
  4. Tension between Shikamaru and Temari... SKYHIGH, possibilitiy of a Ino/Temari mudfight over Shikamaru? Who knows.
  5. The S-class mission? Who cares.. get to the fricken Kakashi Arc.

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Ah... I dunno what else to write. Summer's almost here... gonna hopefully get together with Rachel and make some Naruto costumes... oh yes... *plots* I also need to fix up my Sakura one... hmm

CostumesCollapse )

Ah... what is is important... that I feel all of you should know? Nothin really. I've been worried about some stuff lately. Aw well. I hope to get a credit card so I can get my fricken wig from Soni... and then some stuff... off ebay. I need paypal T-T I can't remember the thing for the paypal account my and my Dad got a while ago... guess I'll have to look through old emails... *sighs* He doesn't care what I get as long as I pay him back... Whoot. It's such a pain to get paypal now -.-

I think it's time for me to stop typing now... yes yes it is.

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14 May 2005 @ 05:16 pm
I've been in a really weird mood lately... I dunno why. Just a really weird mood.
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11 May 2005 @ 09:04 pm
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06 May 2005 @ 02:21 pm
WHOOT AN UPDATE! Alright so I need to know everyone that wants to come to the con... so I can start getting costumes ready and such... yes. Excellent. I need to sew how many? LOL!

Other news, started on a new art canvas... canvases... eight of them in the set. Well nine but one is already done. I have Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Sakon, Kimimaro, Neji, Yondaime, Gaara, Itachi... woah.. that's actually 10.. I can so count. Anywho they aren't too big but I do have to get started on them lol.

Math is VERY boring, I can't seem to get any of my math homework done no matter how hard I try but that's alright. As long as there isn't long intervals between the notes and the test I'll be fine. Plus I usually do the review.

Watched the Naruto Movie. It was pretty good though there were some bland parts. Also, the battle scenes were really good and of course the SasuSaku moment at the very end. I know the series is "NARUTO" but I think the movie focased I tiny bit too much on him. We already know about him and Kyuubi and such, we don't need it repeated. It would have also been really kickass if they showed Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke being in the "real life" movie that the director guy filmed. It would have kicked ass lol. Also, apparently there's another Naruto movie coming out, something more based on Gaara? I dunno... James told me about it lol.
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17 April 2005 @ 06:15 pm

I felt the undying urge to update today since I actually have some time... (WOW how amazing...) I can't even remember when the hell I last updated but that's alright. Alot has been going on I've been sick for two weeks and am still sick with some sort of "Viral Infection" BUT that's not that bad I get to get out of participating in the stupid inservice at the pool. Bleh.

Yes, inservices. Uber boring, but I get paid for them (YEAH!) but this month I get to get out of it because I am sick, I still have to go but I told my supervisor that I wasn't feeling well and she said "Come and see how you feel, we didn't do much pratical stuff" since I missed the first one cause I was helping out with Sweeney Todd. I absolutely hate my classes right now, there's too many ADD-ish children. Now I know why parents put their kids into After School Care, cause they don't want to deal with them. Mean, yes but oh so very true never teach classes on Monday.... Sunday classes are okay I suppose, two Aquaquest 2, a Waterbabies and a 5/6. I don't really like the Water Babies the kids always cry... I don't think they like me very much, oh perhaps it's the fact that we dunked them underwater today... ^^; Then for Monday/Wednesday lessons I have Aquaquest 5/6 (which only has two kids in it), Tots 1/2, Aquaquest 1/2 and a Tiny Tykes. I don't really wanna go back to teaching these, this is going to be the last time I EVER take Monday Wednesday lessons, it's way to much work since everything goes so fast. There's only like two more lessons and I've missed two of them because of the play so I have no idea where these kids are right now so it's a bit difficult. I need so many lesson plans to get through all this... and my throat hurts from all the singing and yelling... and... blaaaah.

Sweeney Todd rocked, I am SO glad I joined the crew... haha... crew so rocked the casts socks. Without us... the play would have been LAME. We pushed that friggin house out how many times? Damn rats.... haha. Yeah.

Kyle you played the best Sweeney, you were totally made for that part and you did a superb job every single night! Except that one time... when you went out to early... and then that time... you went out to late... and that other time... No, just kidding. Although, the best part was when you jumped out of the furnace because it looked so fricken cool!
Charlotte you totally kicked the Mrs. (Pots) Lovett ass. Your voice is SO much better than hers (she sounds like she must be a bajillion years old) and you helped me with the trapdoor. YOU ROCK! Oh... and the last performance when Kyle was writing his letter to the judge... I bow to your ass slapping skills! XD
Geoff I will always remember the time you slapped Tim's ass... THAT was so hillarious. And your "By the Sea" seagulls... and how "AWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwww" you looked in your makeup.
Scott <--- Creepiest most perverted 15 year old I have ever met...
Erin I totally remembered the fan, that was th highlight of the house OH YEAH! You played the beggar woman like that role was MADE for you! Whoot!
Mitch Your help with the porch, greatly appreciated AND yes I would like a jube-jube.

I think that's mainly all the people I annoyed/talked to... to the rest of the cast YOU GUYS KICK ASS! Watch out for the City on Fire... and the spoon... oh yes... the spoon.

Anyways, that's it for now I will hopefully update more frequently.... whoot

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31 March 2005 @ 08:08 pm

Mmkay so ... long journal entry this time I am hoping... well all depending on how much I write. Anyways.. I've been alright recently, I have 5 hours of work a week now indtead of the original 1.5 hours so I'll be getting more money now. Good news about this is that my Dad said it's okay for me to get a credit card (which is good so I can get paypal...) s0nified I can finally send you the money for that wig! (Sorry about taking so long! I feel really really bad...)

Erm... the beginning of the week was okay... what was that Monday? I dun remember what happened on Monday.. OH! I got Manga (Fruits Basket) and some new bras (because they were greatly needed) they both cost around the same amount... sad... -.- I also got confimation email from Amazon saying that my Kare Kano is coming (1-5) which is good becuase then I can read them and go buy more! Whoot! They should arrive around April 10-15 which isn't that long now that I think about it. My Peach Girl (4-8) is also being sent around the ... 2nd I think? So I'll be receiving them around the same time... I also have to order more Peach Girl since I can find issues 1-4 anywhere here... how dissappointing. I may go try at Chapters and if not I;ll jsut order them, if shipping is cheap then it's usuaully less expensive buying them off the internet. I need to gooooooo book shooopping! Someone come with meee! *pouts* Haha no... but if you wanna we can. << >>

Well, Spring break was over and school was back in on Wednesday, went to math, we got reminded of a test that was on well, today. Guess who didn't practice over spring break to keep her mind fresh? Shrugged it off though, went to work after school, went to musical rehersal with Mya, they're doing Sweeny Todd and they suck (even though they're performing in 2 weeks...), and then came home and watched America's Next Top Model... went to bed, oops... bad mistake. I miserably failed.. I don't think I have EVER EVER done that horrible on a math test before! I completely blanked, although we had all spring break to go over stuff I completely forgot and then just didn't want to do it. I was looking at the questions and I was like... Ooooooh shit. I managed to figure some of them out... I couldn't do the stupid graphing question... lame...that made me feel uber stupid. I probably did the worst in the class -.- and Mr Burden is going to be all "Blah blah Lecture Lecture...." hopefully I didn't actually fail it. Anyways, joscilyn "A" was definitely the answer... XD Mr Ball looked so suspiciously at us... LOL!

Computer Graphics was fun, I photoshopped two picutres today. Fixed up this really bland one of this Italian Style window, I made it all sunshiney instead of dreary so it looks (in my opinion) much better now. I could have done a better job, but I was just testing all the new features. I also did one of this random chick Nikky or somthing, I made her have blue hair (instead of this light red brown) and I made her skin orange and it looks pretty cool since blue and orange are complimentary colours... i had a little bit of trouble but it turned out good in the end the colour is much more vibrant now. Tonight I am going to scan some pictures that I inked a while ago so I can fiddle around with those and then just colour them with prismas as well to see which one looks better. Probably the prisma one... (this is really only a sneak attempt to get the internet onmy computer! BWAHAHAHAHA no not really but sorta...)

I'm done my Naruto clay figures in art... they just have to be put in the kiln and possibly glazed, maybe painted. I don't really know yet. I would either do them with glaze (the proper colours they are supposed to be of course...) and use them as sort of decorations so they're glossy and nice, or paint them with just acrylics with the normal colours and detail and such. Which I want to do but am not really fond of right now. Any suggestions? Ahh tomorrow I am starting on ... a watercolour so I can get some more practice with that. I am doing the Naruto manga chapter title for Chapter 81 I think it is, the one with Gaara back facing the front of the picture and his gourd has a star on it? Anyone know that one? Anyways, hopefully it'll turn out okay. The I want to do a Naruto canvas with all the hotties... minus Sasuke cause I already did a good one of him XD or maybe just one of Gaara or something or maybe Gaara and Itachi... hmm so many choices... so little time.

I've been having so much trouble concentrating lately, I can't wait until summer becuase then I can take a break. One that's longer than a week. School has been strangely stressful this year, for some unknown reason. There has been so much unessesary drama that has been irritating to say the least. Then there's been all these problems with certain things which I don't really feel like sharing, more like a certain person but ... things as well. It sorta ... shook me?

Kudos to CJ who is supplying kunai and shuriken to me for the cosplayness... I luffles you.

Also, because I had this in my other post until it got deleted...

Eventual Cosplay List

  1. Asuka [Yellow Dress] | Evangelion
  2. Sakura [No sleeve] | Naruto
  3. Sakura [Time Jump] | Naruto
  4. Chii [Not sure] | Chobits
  5. Tohru [Uniform] | Fruits Basket
  6. Rukia [Death God] | Bleach
  7. Winry [Hmm] | Full Metal Alchemist
  8. Lust [Well... she only has one outfit...] | Full Metal Alchemist

That's it for now, more will PROBABLY be added later. I need to buy ALOT of wigs... (Maybe I can use the reuse some of the Naruto wigs I'm gonna be buying... << >>) While I am on this topic... anyone know any good sites for wig styling?


Also, if anyone is interested I want a layout done, I will do it as sort of a commission and in return I'll draw you a picture and write a short fanfic drabble sort of thing to go along with it or something... Just leave a comment or email me @ gaia_girl13@hotmail.com

Yeah okay.. that's it for now. ^^;

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28 March 2005 @ 11:30 pm
Gah... lj I hate j00 for messing up my entry T-T
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27 March 2005 @ 05:24 pm

Blah blah blah... blah blah... blah blah blah blah... blah.

Yeah, so anyways spring break has been a blast so far. Rented Kamatari Damacy, apparently it's good... and incredibly addctive. I certainly hope so... cause then I can go buy it BWAHAHAHAHA! Take that Steven...

Yeah so anyways... alot of costumes to make. No idea whether I should do all the Time Jump costumes or the normal ones. Probably both... hmm. Well for me anyways. I don't really wanna do Ragnarok... but I might anyways. Hmm decisions...


  1. Sakura (Me)
  2. Sakura Time Jump (Me)
  3. Assassin (Me whoo)
  4. Sasuke Jumpsuit (Jake)
  5. Naruto (Amber)
  6. Kakashi (Francis)
  7. Shikamaru (Virsna)
  8. Ino (Sarah)
  9. Chouji
  10. Kiba (Steven)
  11. Hinata (Mya)
  12. Gaara (Matt P)
  13. Jiraiya (Matt S)
  14. Neji
  15. Tenten (Rachel)
  16. Temari (Pat)
  17. Kankuro
  18. Kimimaro (Kirsten)

Damn... so many measurements T-T So much fabric cutting... ew good thing I have sla- helpers... to help me... yes.

Blah... that's it for right now. BAI!

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